Getting Dish In Azad Kashmir

I come from a village where there is no cable yet,

Im actually living in the uk but will be going kashmir very soon.

I've got people already there to get quotes from dealers and they have been quoted 8000 rupees to install and then 600 per month subscription.

im looking on the dishtv site and the top package is 325 per month.

Does anyone have any ideas what i can do?

i wouldnt mind going pindi or islamabad to get the dish and also are there any watys i can recharge the card myself without going to pindi everytime it expires to the place where i got it from?

basically im a total noob at this so would like help

i have been in various cities of kashmir and had been using dish there. plz tell where in kashmir u want to install, i may be able to help. installing dish tv(presently the best option) is no problem as 10-15 are already installed in every village


the dish price is ok its about 8000 rupees but the monthly charge from the open market is too much they are asking for 600 rupees per month.

so thats why im confused.

^Seriously my friend its the cheapest in the market right now cauz others are more than this. Website of dth operators show prices in indian rupees not in pakistani. Its just our rupee that is weaker against indian rupee that's why a slight difference in prices u r experiencing. It would be easy and probably the best option for you to charge your account for a longer period and not going for monthly subscription cauz its illegal here and u would have to consult whom u bought ur system from for recharging.

but can i recharge it with a pakistani credit card?

i have looked on the website and it says you need an indian mobile number,

how do i get around this if want to recharge it myself?

the market dealer will take 600 rupees which is indian rupees 325 but he will give me the blowest package that is for 135 in india so he is taking about 300 in his own pocket

^Dth operators can't operate in Pakistan cauz if they do they would have bought a license from our authorities. So u r illegaly watching it by the courtesy of providers in Pakistan if these providers wouldn't have existed we probably might not be watching it. So u have to consult ur own provider here and u can't go for credit card thingy.

I already told ya that its a difference in indian and Pakistani ruppee that is bothering u otherwise there is no such thing. Price difference will always be there that's why dishtv website is for indian customers not for us. U r lucky that u r getting these channels here courtesy of a satellite that carries these dth packages and whose signal is receivable in Pakistan and may be u never know like multichoice they might be forced to leave our area.

^ The main thing is they want us to use it.They are earning bucks from us.

dude cable tv is available in go for it

i think Rs 600 pm is nothing as compared to other options available in the country, dont bother go for dish tv u will have no problems and u will never regret your little investment.