Getting bill for nothing

Assalam o Alikum.

Previous month (September, 2011) my line was dead because road was being constructed near my house and PTCL cabin was removed. My line is still dead as cabin has not installed yet and all the fabric optic lines are dead here. It is not our fault. PTCL is doing work and makes our phones dead. But I got bill of 4MB DSL, RS. 2000 this month. Line is still dead. It means I will get bill RS. 2000 again next month for nothing. What to do. Any suggestion? Thanks a lot.

Talk to them. I had the same issue when I was using Land line and they cancelled my Bill.

Yes, the same, next month. You are still subscriber of their services.

Go to your nearest One stop shop, Sales & Service Center or your Exchange and ask them to adjust the bill, they will verify the status of your line and remove the DSL charges. :rolleyes:

Glad to hear PTCL is just and reasonable in this case :)

Thanks a lot. i called them. they said "send mail to" but did not get reply till yet. i will visit their office.