Getting Away With a Cheap Graphics Card

Slashdot has a very relevant discussion on graphic cards:

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"High-end graphics cards get all the glory, but most folks have a difficult time justifying $300 or more for a single PC component. But what if you could get reasonable performance in all the latest games from a budget card costing as little as $70? With game developers targeting the relatively modest hardware available in current consoles and trickle-down bringing cutting-edge features down to budget price points, today's low-end graphics cards are more capable than ever. To find out which one offers the best value proposition, The Tech Report has rounded up eight graphics cards between $70 and $170, comparing their game performance, Blu-ray playback acceleration, noise levels, and power consumption, with interesting results."

Graphic cards have gotten so many, that it's tough to choose one one, especially when the manufacturer have thrown in confusing numbering into the mix, with higher numbered cards often performing lower than older model cards, and so on.

The high end of the discussion is not cheap, but its good to see that a 100 USD card available in Pakistan for about 6000Rs can now play most games.

I don't play games, but I use programs like Google Earth and Freehand etc. and putting in a newish graphics card really speeded up everything.

how much 4670 cost in Pakistan.? anyone..

100USD cards mean 9-14k PKR in Pakistan :P ...

Yeah asad is right. The dollar is at 78.30 ( and then there is the high margin on these components. It can be as high as 30% for low volume computer components in like graphic cards.

As an example a more mass market product like a hard disk costs 15% more than the cheapest price available from online US based retailers:

US price=$50x78.30=Rs. 3915

Pakistani price at galaxy=Rs. 4500

Percentage difference=(( 4500-3915)/3915)*100%=~15%

I have my eye on this particular hard disk and I can tell you that the price on galaxy has not been updated in quite a while probably because they have older stock in hand. Given that the rupee keeps depreciating on a weekly basis, I am sure the Pakistani price for new imports would be higher still.

I just did the math for an HIS ATI 4870 card (galaxy - US store) and the price difference is 27%.

4670 is better than most of the budget cards, but its 128 bit memory interference put it in shadow. they should've at least provided 192 memory like 9600gso.

whatever the dollar rate, the computer tech people know how to turn a profit, a lot of high tech is smuggled here as well,,or bought into the country in luggage and taken out through juggar,,

for example pentium 4 3.0 ghz processor were dumped in the market (brand new boxed packet) by a certain party. Same is true of new pentium 4 mobo now available in the market.

graphic cards on the other hand r rare because their cutting is slow...all you have to do is wait for one of the better gaming zones, or computer software company to dump cards in the market to update and then just pick these working cards up for thrash cheap prices...