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hello everyone there.

I have been reading all the articles related to shopping from Aliexpress. I am running an online business. I used to buy things from aliexpress through someone but that man had to leave Pakistan. So he couldn't deal with me anymore. Now, I need to buy things from aliexpress for my customers but don't have any easy way to pay. I don't have credit card, can't get a one either. Plus I can only pay through western union. But for that I have to buy things more than $20. So I used to pay to that man and he used to get me things then. I am looking for someone who is interested in dealing with me. Please do reply if anyone is interested in this! Please.

Well you dont need a credit card to deal on alixpresss.

MCB Lite Card (Debit Card) can also be used. I am using it on Ali xpress and no problems so faar, (although so far only purchased low value items)

But even if still you cant apply for Debit Card you can contact me to perform transaction on ALixpress

Okay thanks. Please check your inbox.

try using ubl wiz internet card, no session activation, no session activation charges!

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can we buy Cell phones from Ali express ? will they be delivered to pakistan>

Ali express deliver to Pakistan but local duty and taxes apply.

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any idea about duty on replica watches?