Get free legit Steam/Origin Games

Where new games meet their owners
Who are we?
A group of people who try to help out less fortunate players to get the game of their dream. We help players by giving away any legal games, Steam gifts, Steam game keys, Steam game cards or Steam ingame items for free that we currently have.
Need a game, but don't have the money for it?
Post a game that you want and wait untill you receive the game from either our team or other players. There is a chance that noone would donate a game in a month period. Then either ask for another game or try asking for the same game again later.
Want to help less fortunate?
Give the players in need a game or two. This makes it all worth when you helped out a fellow games

Please join the group here

I can provide you guys with the game keys on lowest price you can pm me for contact me on my website Gamekeys and gaming t-shirts and gaming hoodies

i want Grand Theft Auto V :(