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I hope I have read out the terms for mentioning businesses here correctly. If not, admin to please delete this post.

Never had intentions of posting an add here, But amazingly I find this place of the forum a bit empty, So could not resist.

I run a small web hosting company since around 2001.

Have placed couple of servers (E3 -1230, 32 GB RAM) at LA and Dallas.

Hired a reputed firm in UK to look after the server management.

Once I inducted WHMCS (ticketing, billing System), I felt that I need only a very small team here in Pakistan to look after daily affairs.

Initially I started with office in Lahore, Gujranwala and Gujrat but later shifted to Rawalpindi.

In the process I learnt on how to cut short the expenditure and get rid of "How may Help" type of staff.

So here I am, trying to assist poeple in their online presence at generally lower costs. So may be you can visit the website in my signatures and find some better packages for hosting your website.

Thanks for reading. Have fun.

Boss whats up with the name, unique links? I mean seriously?

Yes I understand you had this site registered in 2003 and you want to reflect that. But the name...

I also understand you want to keep the reviews associated with it. But the name...

BTW none except one domain in those review is valid, so IMO it doesn't carry any weight. Plus doesn't have much credibility to begin with.

I like the the homepage and in general, overall style of the website. But the name...

IMO if one wants to promote something in Pakistan then is must be on a .PK domain, seriously.

Lastly, I have some geo DNS/fail over/CDN ideas, if you are interested lets chat.

Yes, Attock your question about the name is right. It tooks us a while to reach to this name. Normally SEO people would go for web hosting related things in their names. However, at that time I was confident to proceed with seo etc with any name (and I did it for many years, name is only part of seo, not all).

Basically when I started it, it was a joint venture, 3 poeple based at 3 different locations. None was closer to physciall office, meaning physical office at another location, the server admin in yet another country and the servers of course at yet other lcoations. Still we managed it online. So that was story of Unique Links.

.pk is inlcuded the company name.

Reviews, ..... Think of a serious minded busy person, going to a website, creating an account, writing praise worthy text, confirm posting of the review in his email..... What I want to say is that unless some one is really disturbed, he will not write a review. So negative reviews are mostly real. Positive reviews ... tell me a website and number of reviews you want there and I will have it done for any business. So I do not do it much for own company.

Your ideas on DNS/fail over/CDN are welcome.

Tu phir sharmao mat, IM me your skype

Haha, I am over the age of Sharmana etc. My skype is mwaraich60

60 is the year of my birth.