Geo News just updated their graphics.. 14th Aug

And guess wa.. they are like so much in transformers.. if you notice all the animations are so much alike or inspired by transformers [ im talking about the famous giant robotic movie here .. not the electricity transformers :D ].. Still everything looks so plasticky and mediocre... they are trying to add grace in their graphics but still an epic failure..

Anyways i'll still say Saama TV are in the lead these days.. their Graphics and animations are so slick... and fit in really well..

Still Geo on the other side like ARY news are so much obsessed with moving and clunky animations that they try to fit them in everywhere.. even though they look ridiculous..

Express news used to be good but now they are outdated..i think they still neeed a major overhaul..

Hence, Samaa and Dawn news have a proper homestyle which they follow all the time, with all the graphics fitting in properly...

HOWEVER what tops them all is Royal News :P (oh did they just played the bbc music in their news bullitin? lolz)

JEW news updated there graphics!!!Blah blah blah!!!!!! :|

Yep. Samaa Tv have the looks!

GEO and ARYNews is off-air once again in Karachi

It looks more or less the same.. Over done!

I dunno, I think Geo News pretty much nailed it with their

i hate to think what the families of the victims think of these animations each time its played again and again and again......