General Question - Self Esteem

It's just as simple as you will see it is.. It's about Tax... Specially the Toll Tax..

The Question (Story Line BTW)

You are paying a toll tax of Rs.10/- x2 for crossing a road twice a day

Suddenly it increases and then keeps increasing as much as Rs.30/- x2 for crossing that same road still twice a day since 6 years.

Now monthly you are paying them a total of around Rs.1200/- (5 days a week).

And you daily see there a free lane for Government officials to pass free of tax... in fact you see a letter posting in big words saying "Govt Officials, MNAs, MPAs, Senators" etc... are not to pay Toll Tax....

What feelings will you have?

while you will be thinking that where the other tax is going which you are paying with the things you purchase every day?

That is the tax which was meant to serve you.. for example to provide you road infrastructure?

Then what is this Toll Tax you are paying daily... for the same road constructed with tax you have already given....?

Ok not bad... if your paying this Toll Tax again and again but why the hell these Govt Officials are free of it? Don't they have to pay tax?

Ok whatever....

Now a *Sigh Relief* when you have got an option to join that free lane with the Govt Officials and get free of the Toll Tax... With the help of your local MNA's or MPA's authority letter with a rounded shaped Green Plate with "MPA" or "MNA" embossed on it right in front of your car...

The question is...

Are you doing a crime now?

If you think you are doing a crime.. then don't you want an answer to the question where the tax, you paid and still paying, is going?

You will keep all the things in your mind while answering it.

What all the things?

- What you were doing till now paying stupid taxes, was really worth it?

- What you are going to do now, is actually good?

- What you are going to do now, will change any thing to others?

- Of course what you are going to do will benefit you...... Or Not Really?