General Question From Wimax & 3G/EVDO Users

I have 2 internet connections (wateen wimax and worldcall evdo). They both work perfect but the Worldcall's speed get slower in the night, from 7PM to 11 - 12PM) but on the other hand Wateen's speed is always same, just a little slow for 1-2 hours like from 7PM to 9-10PM).

I know these hours are called peak hours for internet usage but Wateen's speed is very constant. Is it because of the technology difference or what?

Like for 3G/EVDO the towers get too much load on them but Wateen doesn't have that many users? or the Wimax is superior technology in "constant signals"?

When I had EVO WIngle I used to get up to 7 Mbps speed in day time but it gets slower up to 1 Mbps in night, but Wateen always give 1 Mbps.

Is it only me or other users also get this speed difference in day and night?

sharing ratio is different in wateen . Usually PTCL shares your so called 9 mbps speed into 30 or 40 or who knows 50 users :) thats y when all the users are online you will get 1/fraction of the allotted bandwidth .

in wateen case this ratio is 1:5 and thats y wateen speed is constant most of the time or 99 percent of time i must say .

m using wateen connection too on my business place and its really wonderful .

The first difference lies in the way these technolgies serve the user. In EVDO, the air interface rate is fixed and PHY layer rate itself is what PTCL advertises, and is thus limited to 3.1/9.3 etc. So irrespective of their backlink, their one sector was limited to those speeds, and it was shared with however many users were connected to that sector, upto maximum of 60 I think.

In WiMax, PHY layer speed is variable and dependent on the channel bandwidth and the modulation being used among other things. So in case of 64QAM (Which is used at anything better than 12 or so CINR) at 10Mhz, it is upwards of 25Mbps till around 100Mb. Considering most of Wateen towers had 50Mb backhaul, each sector had 12Mb+ speed to be shared between users.