Gas Wall Furnace

Hi All,

I'm looking at home heating solutions available for our newly constructed home. In past, I've used a thing called Wall Furnace in stay outside of Pakistan. These are very efficient and fan powered and my experience has been very good. Can someone shed some light on the availability of such system in PK or if not can these be imported from US and if so - how much duty we should expect (considering the cost is around US $500).

Attached are some images which shows what it looks like.



Where are you located. Heating is hardly an issue in the plains, but needed in the mountains.

Do you have sui gas available or you will be using liquid fuel.


^^ Lahore ... our area usually have Natural gas all around year but beauty of these units is that they can run on propane or LPG as well. Due to small kids - you have to have good heating even in plains and since it's a new house - we don't want the legacy heater and pipe everywhere.

There are many Companies that make residential central heating systems. A google search should throw up many in Lahore.

The above link takes you to one that I know of. I am sure you can find many in Lahore.