Gas Geyser on LPG!?

Salam all! As everyone knows we are having extreme sui gas shortage and loadshedding in the country during winter season, specially in my case, there's no sui gas in our area since start of December.., So I might want to ask if anyone having experience of using gas geyser with LPG cylnider!? Is it even possible?.. I know gas stoves can be connected to LPG cylinders by changing 'jets' in them.. Can it happen with geyser as well!? If so, how safe can it be?... Waiting for responses.. Regards!

Yes it's possible. I know because my in-laws had one geyser converted to LPG and its working fine.

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With the Instant-Geyser, conversion between N.G. and L.P.G. is done by changing the jets/nozzles. No other adjustment/setting required.

With the storage type geysers it should be do-able also, depending on the type of burner some adjustments for air inlet(to burner) may be required.
However, not sure, if the internals of thermostat of storage-geyser are happy with L.P.G.

Assalam O Alaikum!

I also by a geyser "Canon" on N.G. But convert it to LPG. Its working fine.. In market LPG geysers also available. Save some money in conversion.