Gas Bill

i would like to know the person who uses 3-4 hours gas genset 5 or 6 Kva genset .what is their new gas bill is comming. beacuse they increased the slab.

I dont know how much the genset will consume but i know little bit about the gas bill computation. here it goes.

New development that is bound to increase the bill is the new scheme of calculating the bill, because of consumption say you fall in 5th slab then you will be paying rates for 3rd, 4th and 5th i.e. You will loose the first two subsidized slab rates.

with 350 CM per month consumption your slabs will be

5th 100CM x Rs. 407.31

4th 100CM x Rs. 313.10

3rd 150CM x Rs. 149.10

I have a 10 kva genset. My gas bill went from Rs. 4500 to Rs. 7350 in one month :(

Still a heck of a lot cheaper than Diesel.