Gaming Headphone suggestion?

Hey guys!! I'm back into gaming and need a good pair of headphones. Its been a while since I bought any headphones so I'm totally outdated on what to buy and where to buy.

I would prefer something not more than 2000. Dont care about the mic being there or not or what brand it is, as long as the quality is good.


The new audionics studio 5 headphones are pretty good. If you couple them with a good sound card, you will get the most out of these. These are massive, very very comfortable and you can enjoy listening to music and stuff for extended period of time.

Bought these from Hafeez Center for 750/- only. They blow a4tech away when it comes to price and performance.

Went on a survey to HC today. Tried various A4tech and other brands they showed me. I liked the A4tech HD300 but it was much expensive than the Studio 5. Ended up buying the Audionic Studio 5. They have completed brought gaming and music back to life without others complaining :D. Even though it does not have the best sound cancellation, it is still worth it. Thanks for the awesome recommendation. I would have given you a REP power, had there been one in this forum!

Thanks a bunch!!