Games not playing

I'm not able to play any game (the ones i've tried like vt3 and infernal) on my pc.

My mobo is Asus p5kplvm with e4500 and 2gb ram. The motherboard is china made with GMA 3100 and 256mb graphics memory and g31 intel chipset.

Do these china made mobo play games???

What's the prob i've installed latest dx. for somegames microsoft warnning occurs that exe has caused error and for some install dx runtime and latest video drivers. I've installed both now what to do?

Wel u have got a decent system, though it is not an ideal gaming rig.

All components of ur sys r fine but u need an xternal graphic card to play good games. Onboard grafic cards are useless as for as gaming is concerned.

So ma suggestion is to instal a decent xternal grafic card and u wil be able 2 play most of da games.

doesn't onboard graphic system play any game?? I'm not talking about latest ones but pretty old ones. Some while ago i also used another intel mobo china made and it was also having same prob. Guys the games which i'm trying to play run very well on fx5200 128MB then why they'ren't playing on my onboard graphic system?

there is no way that china mobo can give you problem and others likes japanese can't. its the same technology. and of course on board graphics card can play games. what problem do games give you. ? try updating video drivers if you can.

i've nvidia 8800 so i am not talking about my experience but one of my friend uses onboard graphic card and he usually borrow games from me and i m amazed to see how well games work on his pc for example resident evil 4 worked on his pc, fifa 08, madden 08,

swat 4, call of duty 2. these all but most of them runs slow. he have 101gccl intel mobo and it has ati radeon onboard graphics card.

one more thing pirated games give you a lot of problems. thats a fact.

Man my onboard gpu is GMA 3100 with 256MB shared memory and 400Mhz core freq. And i'm not able to play virtua tennis3, infernal (i've tried so far) and far cry 1 is running but graphics are messed up can't differentiate land from water they all are same.

Now 400MHz core can't even play these games and it's dx 9 compatible gpu system.

you know that thing u said abt messed up graphics that purely ur graphic chip problem and mobo have nothing to do with it. if you really wanna play games you gonna have to buy graphic card coz there is a limit for on board graphic chip to play games.

the games you tell should be running fine on ur rig and you dont need another graphics card for them

check if you have appropriate drivers for your chipset and graphics and also if u have the correct version of direct X

use dxdiag to check your nvidia driver version and direct x.if u wanan update direct get any new game and install from...

it is not usually just to tell u download latest nvidia drivers since they have lot of fallout issue for e;g some drivers doesnt allow strangle hold to run since they disable antistopic filtering...

so before getting new drivers do read the relaease notes...

also use riva tuner to overclock your card safely....

i think i know about the Prob !

Latest Direct X 9.0 (August) has some kind of problem Dude :/ . i exactly dont know what ... but when i Installed latest direct X on my XP My Fps Goes Down in many Games Like Gta , Counter strike , Unreal Tournament !!!!

i tested same things on my Friends PC (4 Systems) . there Fps also Goes down :/.

you Can try These Tips may its work for u ? :

1. Uninstall All Display Drivers and Utilities of Display Driver . (restart)

2. Reinstall Original Display Driver from CD . (restart)

3. Make sure, there is no Typical Type setting in your GMA 3100 Display Panel.

4. Always Off "Vertical Sync" from GMA3100 Driver Panel .

5. Install Direct X 9.0c JUNE 2007 . (its awesome work for me)

5. Make sure that your Window is Absolutely Fine and Virus Free !

6. If all of These Tips not Working for you then try to Reinstall the Window from another win XP CD .

7. If Again these Problem Happens, then Tell about these Panchayat's to Your Motherboard Dealer :) .

Bismillah Karein :)


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StriKer <3* :)

maybe microsoft wants you to upgrade to direct x 10

btw direct x 10=vista

i hv played many games on GMA3100 . it really isn't for gaming , and its not even fully DX8 Compatible :| , forget about 9 , intel lied, we should sue them for this :| ..

But there are Cheap affordable graphic cards available for gaming , Get urself one and be happy . ;)