Game speed of neogeo games

i m trying to play my old school favorite games on my pc, like kof, metal slug, etc. but i m feeling these games are running a bit faster then the normal. tell me how to control their speed.

Buy P1.

I think you can try lowering the FrameSkip option in whatever emulator you are using. Set it to 0 to disable it completely.

If that does not help, you can try some software like ASpeeder etc.

You may try a PC slow down software . like those on

thanks for your reply. i have tried frameskip option but its not working. midhat i ll defiantly give it a try very soon.


What an ignorant comment.How can p1 slow a "NEO GEO" game speed on Pc

^ I'm really sorry guys. I didn't know what neo geo was. I had once seen a CD of neogeo games in market. I assumed that it was a collection of small games like the SEGA's collection. Pardon my ignorance.

You can Play neogeo on pc as well as on the console for your Kind Information.


Try Changing the emulator setting.Try Google