Game Patches

What are game patches?

Anyone know about frontlines:Fuel of War?That what kind of game is this,i mean ranking of this game?

well patch is a special sort of software/programing which usually help to upgrade the game or for the fixing of a glitch in the game, like Riddick:Escape from butchers bay had a problem playing it on the ati card. the makers released a patch and it started to work fine on ati cards.

i haven't played the frontlines:fow but it got 7.5 score in so its nice game, i am looking forward to playing it.

Thnx a lot Mr.Kartos24 for providing information and encouragement.You mean to say that patch is just like "Expansion Pack" or we can say it as expansion pack in which some additional material have been added for the existed orignal title, or to fix some critical errors in the existed title e.g:in GTA:SA hot coffee(mini game) replaced with cold coffee(mini game).

Thnx again.

Not exactly... expansion pack will have more missions, possible new characters, graphics might also be slightly different, while patch will fix the current issues a game is having by upgrading it to a different one (the game will remain the same). Have u noticed a game where on the corners where it says something like "ver1.1", now after applying patch it will change to something like "ver1.2".

take an example of a "car tyre". a patch fixes the leak/puncher. while expansion adds a new rim, breakshoes a mud cover etc etc, while tyre remains the same in both cases.