Galaxy Nexus - Whats your take?

The ferrari analogy was... just an analogy. With the right hardware and all, Android is speedy. I've seen the same phone perform very, very fast on other reviews - so in the end, it depends on the reviewer.

I've generally been happy with my HTC Desire, although a new phone doesn't do any harm :) but the thing I hate (yes, strong word) is the texting (in)ability without looking. I'm used to the nice, tactile-based numeric keypad.

to me it looks more like a UI for bussiness minded people who like it all decent and not like a musicbox looking device

I had a chance to use this phone yesterday... Its light. I have HTC Panache [ Mytouch 4G , Glacier ] . Its too big for me.. OS was cool but could not experience it a lot..