FYI: Updates from QUBEE in OCT 2010

1)512kbps Unlimited Launched Just in Rs. 1000/Month. (Discover MAX)

2)USB Shuttle Connection Charges reduced from 1500/- to 500/-

3)No Connection Charges at all on Standard CPE (Non WiFi)

4)WiFI CPE charges now Rs. 500/-( was 1500/- in previous months)

5)Explore 6 added in tariff card. (1mbps_6GB_Rs. 850/Month)

6)Discover 12 rates reduced from 1000/- to 900/-

7)Explore 12(1Mbps_12GB_Rs. 1000/Month) now available in Previous Explore8(Rs. 1000/-) rates, reduced from

1250/- to 1000/-

8) Discover18 added in tariff card. (512kbps_18GB_Rs. 1000/Month)

9) Discover6 WiFi connection charges (Rs. 500/-) are same as other packages now.

Can you please tell me the details about Discover Max?

Is it a wireless connection?

As in can i connect through my cellphone using the same modem which is connected to the computer? Or can I only connect through the computer if the modem is attached to the PC?

Please respond asap.

Thank you.

You can't connect USB directly to ur Cellphone. If your cellphone has WiFi , then you can use net on it but you need a wifi router for this.

bro as i am using discover 12 package i want to upgrade to explore 12 package.

will i have to pay anything for upgrade or its free? what is the processs of upgrading?

Package conversion just a call away. Just Call QUBEE Call Center, They tell package conversion rates if applies in any package.