Future of sports viewing in Pakistan!

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dreambox 500s which is mpeg only that cost only 6300 rs and u know hd is expensive because its new technology if u dont want hd channels and mpeg4 channels go for 500s and two dishes for read above one for indian channels dth like dish tv ,dd plus and sundth and the big dish for hotbird 13 east u can put side lnbs for orbit 16 east n 7 east for that u need visiton fiber 8 feet dish which cost 10000 and premium hd lnbs cost 300 each

high speed internet is not required only internet u can use wateen 256kb even or another internet


Yeah he can watch HD stuff on dreambox500S but do you know how tiring is to watch it on this MPEG-2 box? He has to download that vlc player and for that he should know the method of streaming…its a crappy /confusing process.For that you need good PC because your box isn’t capable of encrypting HD content so the PC has to lift the burden of encryption and decode it for you :D … I was also thinking of getting cardsharing thingy as I know a bit but still I am not eager to get it…i know in the end ill have the problem with cline provider …there are many reasons.Better is to stick with a dth and enjoy it :P WHo will buy those big dishes and these expensive boxes & above all I don’t want to watch channels on my monitor :D

^^^ so in order to watch HD channels, the decoder won't do the job and i'll have to use a PC? That's lousy, although it wouldn't matter if the HD channels are useless and none of the important sports channels are HD.

koder@ only dvs hd channels can be view on mpeg2 receiver only dish tv and sun dth are using dvs all other european hd channels are on dvs2 tuner so mpeg4 receiver is best and why one pay 700 800 per month only for indian crap if u want good server for sharing pay them 500 per month although i am using 5 free servers since 4 months no issue upto now and if u dont want to put bigger dishes dont go for that just put 2 feet dish and watch dish tv and sun dth i give u 329 channels all works and if u buy dth still all channels will not work moreover why we fill pockets of enemy state india by buying their products

^ Majority of them are not dvbs2.Packages like NOVA,cyfra,skyitalia are still dvb-s ..dvbs2 is a new tech...I guess cyfra+ is on dvbs2 plus dvb-s (its on both)They won't cut the tranmission on dvb-s.It will take time..parhaps 5 years :P These packages got good amount of HD sport/movies channels.

koder@ please check again nova cyfra sky itlalia all are on dvs2 for detail see lyngsat