Future of sports viewing in Pakistan!

Now that Supersport is gone,

can someone be kind enough to tell me that are AL JAZEERA SPORTS viewing cards available in Pakistan?

Secondly, how much does it cost to set up a decoder system including dish setup?

Thirdly, what other foreign sports channels (apart from Indian, Pakistani and Showtime) are available over here?

For question no1 sorry can't help ya. Anyways setting up a decoder system can be easy and afordable only depending on your question no1 and also the package price. Supersport channels which we used to receive were part of DSTV bouquet and one had to purchase the card of whole bouquet at a price of around Rs 25000 for 3 months. So it can become pretty expensive my friend but may be aljazeera suits anybody who knows? For your question no3 there is almost a similar package to DSTV which is Nova from Greece. It has good sports channels about 4 or 5 i guess and at the same time some quality entertainment channels too. Australian package is a good one too, shuak might have some information regarding australian package.

I think Super Sport is still available atleast on Worldcall..

I did a little bit of researching. DSTv costs around 7k per month (in rupees) (I think) but it's out of the question anyway cause it's now on a spot-beam.

The next thing I saw was Orbit-Showtime. I think they have a few channels (not as many as DSTv, but mind you - I saw DSTv's sports channel count jump from two to eight in 6 years, along with data services) but they have more-or-less the same entertainment channels (BBC Entertainment, Cartoon Network, MTV Europe, VH1 (I think), and a bunch of others. It's not as diverse as DSTv's bouquet but... it's a start. And Orbit charges 5k (excluding the premium Arabic channels.... which I don't have an interest of).

The Indian DTH providers don't really have decent western entertainment channels. Not that I mind the Star channels and AXN and a few others - but that's practically it. Nothing more. The rest are local channels.

Oh - you won't find Indian channels on Orbit. You would find Indian channels on DSTv though.

Al Jazeera Sports viewing cards? It depends. If there is a demand for those channels then might be available in big markets like Karachi (illegally offcourse), otherwise find someone in UAE or Saudi Arabia to get one. One good news Al Jazeera Sports package is now also available on Eurobird 2 which covers Pakistan very well and this satellite also has Orbit Showtime package which as shaheerk mention is one great package to go for. Orbit Showtime decoders are available in market but i have no clue about the price.


Setting up a decoder system is not a good idea. Firstly there are many packages on many satellites to choose from. Just one package won't give you the desired channels you want. Secondly its too costly for an individual thats why most of the packages are exclusively for cable operators.

Hotbird as i mentioned many times is one hell of a bird with some great packages. This satellite can be a heaven for sports and movies lovers. People are enjoying all those packages on cardsharing. There are many forums and websites for this particular subject. Its very cheap (sometime absolutely free) way to watch premium channels.

@santa, bro which Australian package you are talking about? there is no such package available over Pakistani horizon.


you were talking about australian channels on webcom digital cable, that's why i thought may be australian package is receivable here. Anyways any update on webcom digital cable and what they are saying about multichoice channels?

Well I've found out that Sky Sports News UK is available on NSS12 Global footprint. That means its available here in Pakistan! http://www.lyngsat.com/nss12.html


Are the cards available here?

According to MTN Sat website:

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MTN Worldwide TV

MTN Worldwide TV programming delivers the first global television network for the cruise industry. Owning and operatings its own private network, MTN delivers licensed global television programming to ships in port or at sea, anywhere in the world.

Passengers are able to access programming from BBC World News, CNBC, Fox News, MSNBC, Sky News, Sky Sports News, and other special event programming from IMG while at sea or in port, with no interruption.

The MTN Worldwide TV programming is offered in multiple content packages for North American and international cruises. Services also include hardware installation and support to ensure a successful broadcast.


Sorry my friend. No chance.

I just wanted to ask for a long time that channels like ESPNStar or TEN Sports or Sony channels (which are NOT on DTH), are their cards available separately? Like ESPN Pakistan or TEN Sports Pakistan.

Star package used to be available for home use years ago. dont know about it now. here is the contact info of Star distributor in Pakistan:

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Max Media Pvt. Ltd.

110, 1st Floor, Clifton Center, Block -5,Khayaban-e-roomi, Clifton, Karachi

Ph: 111-7827-88


Ten Sports is only for cable operators, so no chance for that. Contact:

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Tower Sports Pvt. Ltd.

2nd Floor, 49 Commercial Area, Cavalry Grounds, Lahore Cantt, Lahore, Pakistan

Ph: 042-6655422-3


Sony channels? you mean SET Max, PIX etc.

Star decoders are given I guess but their cards are tad expensive.. its not for home users & frankly people can't afford to subscribe to it & why will anyone buy it when they have the option of dth available to them.Tensports card is married to its STB so I guess you can't use it on other decoder plus its not given to home users :D

Shauk have you read about that HAVA device,isn't it awesome :P

I called my cable operator who wasn't airing ESPN/Star Sports and he said that they're banned. I asked if that is the case why do I see those channels on everyone else's cable? He said we don't know, all we know is that its banned.

I'm now thinking maybe I should just get something easy to set up like Tata Sky or something, use that for ESPN/Star channels as well as the Ten Sports channels and for the rest I have cable anyway.

So, does anyone have the lowdown on the dth devices in terms of cost/quality or will I have to make a trip down to Hall Road?

Cable is full of crappy News channels.Go for Airtel dth or dishtrue HD.Both the receivers are MPEG-4 supported with few High Defination channels like National Geographic etc.Don't buy simple dishtv decoder as its only MEG-2 supported.

You're right, out of the 60 odd channels on cable at least 40 are news that no one watches. I'm seriously thinking of dishtv, I've checked Airtel's website and it seems like they don't have Ten Action. How much would dishtv HD cost in Hall Road, any idea? And would monthly subscription be INR325 X 1.93 = 628 pak rupees?

To be honest Tata Sky has the better overall channels, even if it is a bit more expensive, but dish tv has the better sports package.

Also is there any way to share this between two tvs? I guess probably not but maybe they've come up with something on Hall Road.

dear all dont go for any dth just buy a dreambox hd instal 1 2 feet dish and 1 8 feet fiber dish u will get all sports channels like star channels neo channels all ten channels euro sports show sports super sports albania dth package aljazeera js sports and sky sports and many other without any monthly charges just get cline for dreambox from any server owner and thats enough for al sports u minimum get 100 plus sports channels from dish tv sundth hotbird orbit digiturk and total tv and overall morethan 2500 channels

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dear all dont go for any dth just buy a dreambox hd instal 1 2 feet dish and 1 8 feet fiber dish u will get all sports channels like star channels neo channels all ten channels euro sports show sports super sports albania dth package aljazeera js sports and sky sports and many other without any monthly charges just get cline for dreambox from any server owner and thats enough for al sports u minimum get 100 plus sports channels from dish tv sundth hotbird orbit digiturk and total tv and overall morethan 2500 channels

What’s a cline and does it work? I’m really serious. How much does it cost?? Tell me more.

^ New receivers comes up with these options of sharing.. tere are many sharing protocols like gbox,ccam,newcmd blah blah.. the most widely used is ccam sharing.IT can be only done on that reveiver which has the option of sharing.. there are echolink receivers which are used for sharing but they aren't good for ccam sharing because the picture freezes alot on them...therefore people use dreambox 500S for sharing channels.. there are many sharing providers/payed or free ..its upto you to select.You will need internet for sharing.. the admin of the service will give a cline and you gota add that cline is you ccam.cfg and you are good to go with sharing.I'll advise you to buy HD decoder instead of simple MPEG-2 receiver.Foreg dreambox 800 HD ..its clone is about 25,000 I guess :D

Hmm thats well expensive isn't it? 25000 for just the box, and then the dishes and LNB. So basically you need two dishes, one 2 feet and one 8 feet? Why is that? Another problem is this being dependent on internet (cardsharing). This would mean an uninterrupted high speed connection, but if you live in a crappy phone line area like mine this means constant disconnections and slow internet at times. How much is it for just the normal mpeg2 box?

dreambox 500s which is mpeg only that cost only 6300 rs and u know hd is expensive because its new technology if u dont want hd channels and mpeg4 channels go for 500s and two dishes for read above one for indian channels dth like dish tv ,dd plus and sundth and the big dish for hotbird 13 east u can put side lnbs for orbit 16 east n 7 east for that u need visiton fiber 8 feet dish which cost 10000 and premium hd lnbs cost 300 each

high speed internet is not required only internet u can use wateen 256kb even or another internet

rizla:- YUP hd box is expensive.I was talking about the clone box of Dreambox800HD so imagine what the original will cost ..thanks to China:P Dude its a long and confusing process..you need internet for that and above all you need good cline provider.You need anything above 256kbps internet link or else the picture will freeze alot.Do yourself a favour forget this buy any Indian DTH ..tatsky is good but dishtv has added few better channels...gets dishtv HD decoder which is bit expensive but it will last for long...it might be around 9,10 thousand and get that small dish and hook it up..you don't need big dish for that as dishtv signals can be easily received on 2ft dish ant...you're good to go.Cardsharing will also give you these channels apart from hotbird satellite packages like NOVA,cyfra etc..personally I won't recommend you watch these packages without HD decoder on cardsahring because they got few better HD channels..the choice is yours :D