Future of Online Biz in Pakistan

Given the culture, the education levels, the prevailing fraud levels, copyright violations etc most of the times it seems that there is hardly any chance of growth on any online business in Pakistan. The faster growth of broad band has created some hope and we do see few mobile phone and couple of other online shops, yet, if someone is really making use of these is questionable. There has been also some attempts on real estate websites, yet these died their own death.

The developers are one group of people who ruined scope of online business in Pakistan by luring people to get the websites developed, charging high for these without educating and advising the business on how to take it forward to next levels using online applications. In fact most developers and development houses undertook web development as one time earning than a life time association.

Also there has been little understanding at executive levels for online business. Most of the things in this areas have been done by Pakistanis settled abroad.

One wonders, if at all there is a scope for wired and wireless Pakistan in Pakistan.

Well, Online biz in now very common in Pakistan, mostly in Karachi! It seems bright future !

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