Functions of Lead Acid Battery in a Motorbike?


What are the functions of battery in a Motorbike?

How it is charged?

How much petrol is drawn to charge 70cc Motorbike battery?

Ah ratings of 70cc & 125cc & higher cc's Bike?


to run all the lights..ONLY lights..

by dynamic torque of has its own Dynamo.

Charging efficiency has negligible effect on Petrol

12V each..

I need an ac charger to charge 6 motor cycle batteris daily. how to prevent over charge while charging all these at once

you will need a 72V charger... a rare species

^ this can easily be done with a 24V charger, with batteries connected in series and parallel..

a normal 12/24 v charger should only you have to arrange batteries accordingly.

Get someone to make one for you. It won' work otherwise and you may end up with 6 ruined motorbike batteries.

You should go to the electronics market in your city and find out. I can guide you for Karachi, Lahore, Pindi/Isb and Peshawer.