Fujitsu lifebook FMV 6866NU

Yar i have used BIOSKILL software of my machine but it is not going to boot :( any suggestion or place from where i can get BIOS of this machine :(

its gonna be very hard to find BIOS software for this machine coz its a little old but i'll look up the internet...

ok here we go then...

the whole thing is in Japanese so gonna have to use the google translation to understand the words here is the address

and if you are using firefox you may experience problem so i think you should use Internet Explorer (when you'll open the fujitsu site it will ask you to install the language tools click install and insert your Windows Xp CD when prompted)

Click links to open pics and pages.

1: this is the main website link there they have mentioned all the models of FMV life book series. You can follow the link to the download page of bios and drivers .


screen shot

2: the main bios flashing method page use the info in the box as shown in the picture copy all the text and paste it in the google translation box and read all the instructions.

page link:

Image/screen shot

3: This is the screen shot of your bios file i checked it and link is working so its downloadable.

This was the only way i could find on google

Use Internet Explorer to view pages correctly since they are in Japanese

you are gonna have to use google translation service "a lot"

GOOD LUCK with all this....