FTTH (fiber) ISPs in Pakistan

I have seen a sudden growth in fiber-to-the-home ISPS (i.e StormFiber, Fibrelink, Optix, Nayatel) this year…
But the problem is they are only covering big cities Karachi,Lahore,Islamabad… and only the posh areas Defence etc.I am wondering when these ISP’s will cover other areas/cities? Is it a matter of month, week or years?

I heard good reviews about StormFiber, contacted them and got no response so far.

High speed STABLE internet is still a dream for majority of internet users in Pakistan

I heard recently that a 3G/4G service provider in the country is interested in purchasing PTCL. I think we will be seeing major changes in PTCL if that happens and hopefully the rest of ISPs will then expand their services. Ofcourse, this could also be bad for competition… The only thing we can do is wait. Tired of PTCL’s services and no FTTH service around me either. 3G/4G isn’t all that reliable or cheap either.