FTP server is not working on Wan

i have PTCL broadband with AN1020-25 Modem and i m unable to use my ftp server on Wan

i forward ports 20,21 to my pc

disable FTP services of router

with online port tester my ports 20 and 21 are open

still i m not able to connect my ftp through wan

and it's working fine on lan

i used others ftp software for testing like bulletproof , servU , IIS server

but same problem on every server

IIS should work fine on Windows.

- How did you check that the ports are open and forwarded properly on router?

- Check that the system firewall is not blocking the incoming requests on your server. For the time being (to test accurately) you should disable firewalls (windows firewall or some other if you installed) to test it.

On Local Networks (LAN) if you tried to connect to the FTP server from another computer and if it was successful then the incoming connections are supposed to be working fine on the server you should leave the things unchanged on the server. In that case just check if you router is performing the job well for it.

Also check that PTCL allows its broadband users to have remote access (including FTP access) to their connections from outside world.

Any PTCL broadband user can confirm this provided that he/she has been deploying FTP server behind a PTCL DSL connection and it's working good.

canyouseeme dot org can test your ports online

my ports are open and system firewall is not blocking because from lan it's working fine means system is accepting all request for FTP server

well i don't think so that PTCL is blocking FTP access from out side and PTCL's CRO also said that we r not blocking any legal thing.

im also confused :-(

what is the reason

on other side i m running DC ++ HUB

and it's working fine for all