FTP client recommendations

I have been using smartFTP for some time now and it is a pretty good piece of software. Unfortunately, it has recently been giving errors and not connecting to FTP servers at all.

Searching for alternatives presents a huge number of options. Anyone here using a particular FTP client software which he/she thinks is pretty good on features and stability? It would be preferable if it is free. The OS platform is Windows XP SP3.

^Asad ues filezilla i have been using it for a long time it has been working great for me no problems so far

Does it has queuing and is it free or shareware kinda deal?

^ yes asad it has queing and yes it is free

Great. Thanks! I will try it out.

try cute ftp pro

it the best ever ftp client i hav ever seen

with many unseen super cool features

its not fre but u can get crackd frm any private torent site

I don't want to try to "crack" the software. I did with smartFTP and it effed up the history, queues and backups.

flashfxp is quite good but as you mentioned you dont want to crack softwares

I'm using Filezilla and it does the job pretty well. I just hate it that we can't unzip anything via FTP - that would make everything so much easier!


man i m using its instalation which is 1 year old and i nvr got a prob

trust me!

Give it a try!

I use Filezilla 3.x, open source and free, works well.

acutally filezilla is good but it has been giving me some problems

i am using Filezilla ..10/10 and no errors

Filezilla all the way. and it comes as a portable app too

FlashFXP is the best ftp client i think

WinSCP, its free.

Lifehacker is running a Hive Five poll on FTP software, so keep an eye on that!

CoreFTP LE is free. And supports SSL/SSH/SFTP/OpenSSL/WindowsSSL/AuthTLS/AuthSSL/HTTPS

CuteFTP is pretty nice, i've been using it for over 15 days now. supports resuming uploads and multiple http/ftp profiles. ... now only if it were free.