FS: Yate Loon 120MM Fans [UV Blue & Red/Black]

Please note the number i have provided i can only receive sms's on it, no calls. so if you want to talk just sms me your WP nick and what products you are interested in and i will call you back from my other number.

first post updated !

1 UV Blue LED Fan SOLD !

many left ....


Yate Loon UV Blue 120mm - Rs.950

Yate Loon Red/Black 120mm - Rs.780

4 Fans (2 UV Blue + 2 Red/black) - Rs.3400

6 Fans (3 UV Blue + 3 Red/black) - Rs.5200

prices reduced and is now fixed !!!

sms or call me for further info.

bump .... still have many more with me .