FS: Thomson SpeedTouch 585 v6 DSL Wireless Router

Item Name: Thomson SpeedTouch 585 v6 DSL Wireless Router

Package includes: DSL Wireless Router and Adapter

Price: SOLD !!!

Warranty: None

Dealing method: Cash/Bank Deposit. Can ship nationwide on buyers expense and risk.

Location: Karachi

Contact method/details: PM me

More Information: http://www.speedguide.net/broadband-view.php?hw=71

Original Pictures:

price is negotiable !

hi Sinister,

I have the same router but i use ptcl shiro as modem and this one as wireless router.

How can i setup this as modem + wireless Router ? Can you advise in detail, will really really appreciate your help.:)

@vazim I have the same modem. You do not need to use the shiro modem and the 585 together.

First thing to do is back up you current config file of 585. Then upgrade the firmware to latest one of 585. I think its

Then check this link out to change the VPI/VCI for PTCL


Let me know if it helps or where you get stuck.

Good luck


Thanks it worked. I am free from this PTCL shiTiro modem.

firmware was already ok. i think it is or something like that. easy to change user.ini thanks again.

@ sinister

sorry for ruining your thread but good luck selling.

i bought the same modem like 3000 or so, so if you reduce your price, most likely it will sell as it is a good modem+router.


hey mate,

i wanna buy it

Pmed U

simaem im still waiting to hear from you.

dude i told u i,ll buy :D

its mean i will :D

wait for the 2nd :)

ok the modem\router is up for sale once again since i havnt heard back from simaem.

hi dude ! is it still up for sale ???

if so, why not give me your cell # so that we can sort out details directly ?????

i am intersted to buy your modem router ... pls. call me ay my cell # i.e. 0303-4444156

or email me at mabbas.khan@hotmail.com

well friends i have this same modem router....if anyone is interested in buying then let me know...its price is Rs.2000 only ...it's in perfect condition...my cell no 03214204943...i m in lahore ...so only lahoris can contact me



will this router work with PTCL?


Check my reply above to configure it for PTCL

product was SOLD a long time ago .... can the admins please lock this thread. thanks.