FS: New APC Smart UPS 1500 (1500VA/980W)

Great opportunity to get your hands on APC UPS for cheap!

2 new box packed units of APC Smart UPS 1500 (1500VA/980W) for sale.

They come with cables and PowerChute software CD from APC. (All that comes with the standard package)

Batteries are not included in the package.

Galaxy retail price: Rs. 52,000

My demand: 20,000 Only!


Contact me @ 300 2145557 (call only)

Pic: http://www.techsouq.com/images/SU1500i.jpg

where r u located?

ANd question is why would u sell 2 units at a loss of 30k each?

what is cost of batteries suited for this ups....?

@maliksaab: i am getting it for cheap since it came in a lot/container (i am hooked up to a bulk UPS supplier). selling it on a slight margin.. simple as that.

location: Karachi. shipping to other cities possible.

@Ammar77: 2 x 18AH standard sealed lead acid. Rs. 3000-4500

you can hook up to 2 x 100AH wet/sealed batteries (i know a person running wet batteries for a year, works fine)


i am actually in need of a 3000w+ line interactive power system. APC is preferred. So if you could hook me up to that UPS supplier i could deal with him myself.

or if you wana check out its availability then sure thing. Please do let me know okay?

any of these apc products would be good:






almost all mentioned ratings are available. used but condition is good. call me up for price details on specific ratings.

Wild Laurel.....!!!

Okay I am interested... I want to buy a UPS for my home.. Will APC be able to work with a single dry cell battery and give me a 4X4 power (2 lights and 2 fans) and is it okay if i use if for my home not only laptop???? Let me know asap..



@rahails: it works perfectly for home as well. it can easily handle 8 ceiling fans and 8 (24W) energy savers at a time (telling from experience). laptop/desktops work without any restart problems.

it works on a pair of batteries. instead of getting say one 100AH single battery, get 2 x 50AH which is same as 100AH.

The main thing in a UPS, considering our backup needs due to load-shedding, is the charger in the UPS. The locally made UPS's have 15-20 Amp charger so they can get a battery charged within 3-4 hours. On the other hand the APC UPS (unless custom fitted later) come with a very low ampere charger because the priority of those is not quick charging but to provide a backup safety window during which another main source of electricity is switched on and due to this reason they come with small batteries and a relatively weaker charger. This is what an authorized APC dealer told me.

So my question, how much current (in amps) can this ups provide to a battery?

dual battery APC configuration = 5A @ 24V = 10A @12V single battery local.

i know people using this UPS with 2x100AH (200AH) battery setup without any complains regarding the charging. so it works satisfactorily with 200AH battery pack.

if you want super charging then the XL version is available (used/ good condition). it has charging of 12A@48V = 48A@12V (local).. interested?


There is one thing that I would like to ask (although not related to the product on sale above). I have a local made UPS with a stock charger of 13Amps @12Volts. How much does it cost to upgrade it to a charger of 13Amps @24 Volts?

it is not possible since the UPS both works on and charges the battery on 12V. this APC 1500 has almost the same charging as your local UPS.

hey wildlaurel. ya knw im interested as heck! so pm me details. aint getting time for chit chat on phone :P . sorry!

pm's not available here.. so: a RU2200XL would be a rough Rs. 28,000.

uhhh....RU2200XL search on google doesnt turn up anything. i guess RU2200xl doesnt exist? :P

RU = rack mount

XL = high battery charging capability

2200 = VA

P = 1760W

looks like this: http://www.apc.com/products/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=SUA3000RMXLI3U&total_watts=2500

also available in tower (white)


I am interested in the APC Smart UPS 1500 VA. But as far I understand, the new units come with the factory fitted batteries and that the units which are without batteries are those which are used ones and refurbished. Any way if it is a really new unit, what will be your last price?

its a new unit, make no mistakes. it had batteries but very week so i removed them. call me on my cell for final price..

@ Wildlaurel

Reference ur last sms on my cell. Now the question is why should u make shipment without receiving payment and why should I make payment without receiving shipment, because u are in Karachi and I am located at Lahore. Have u any solution to this phenomenon.