FS: Arctic Silver 5 and ArctiClean - Indiviual/Bundle

Arctic Silver 5 - 3.5gm and ArctiClean 60ml Bundle Offer



Individual Price

Rs.500/- for Arctic Silver 5 | 3.5 gm

Rs.500/- for ArctiClean 1 & 2 | 60ml

Bundle Offer

Rs.800/- for 1 no. of Arctic Silver 5 | 3.5gm and 1 kit of ArctiClean 1 & 2 | 60ml

If anyone is interested in getting 5+ of both AS5 & ArctiClean 1 & 2 please PM for a very special price


Will be shipped by Courier, charges as under:

Rs.60/- for NWFP & Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Rs.120/- for the rest of Pakistan

Once the stuff is with the Courier service, I will forward the Consignment #.

Payment Method

I would prefer Online Transfer of Payment to my Bank Account since thats the fastest way for both me and the buyer but I would accept Money Order too if someone can't transfer the money online.

Money Order may take at least 3 days to reach me though thanks to Pak Post.


-Email : pc.palace AT gmail.com

Product Information


-Arctic Silver 5

Contact to Order yours now!

Thanks Asad :-)


can i have ur phone number please

Can't give out number here. E-Mail me. What do you want to know anyway?


I have emailed you also

i want to buy as5

anyways my email is


please coonact as soon as possible

pretty kiddy kinda doubt .. its used for heat insulation? or cleaning the cooler surface ..tat touches the cpu? how much it is imp to use such kinda stuff

I can't be arsed to read the whole description on the article silver website. Can you conclude what these products are used for?

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I can’t be arsed to read the whole description on the article silver website. Can you conclude what these products are used for?

How lazy are you…

Lol. It cools your cpu core atleast 5 C better than the paste that comes with your processor. You only need it if you're overclocking, otherwise you're fine.

Don't do it yourself unless you know what you're doing. Although easy, 'properly' applying thermal paste takes some practice.

ArctiClean kit is to clean off the Thermal paste from processor and Arctic Silver 5 is perhaps the best thermal paste out there which reduces the temperature of processor by filling the microscopic gaps between the processor's surface and surface of the heat sink. Reduced temperature are reported by people that use it. Reviews all around the Internet so check it.

Applying the paste is not hard on the new processors. You just put a small *dab* rice like on the middle of processor surface then just put the heat sink on it but of course after cleaning surface of the processor and heat sink, thats what the Arcti Clean comes in.

AND if you are reading the names Arctic Silver 5 and ArctiClean for the first time then you probably don't need these as you are not an over clocker or hardcore gamer


Will update the topic if more stock comes in.

Thanks to everyone for buying :-)