Frozen Grand Central

This is pretty damn cool

"This is wild" :lol:

saw that few months ago! cool!

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saw that few months ago! cool!

i saw it few nonths before your few months saad, so this means i am the one who saw it first. cool video

lol, how old are you mansha?

How could they manage to put it so many cameras all around and no one noticed?

wow that was good,i can't do that even for a minute.. i had seen something similar at copenhagen central station , 3 guys soaked in some white paint(ghostly vampirish figures) frozen in different positions, but this one is way cool 200+ .. honestly i can't stay still for more then few seconds even if i try hard enough!

check out this video, location in this video is very similar to the location in the video posted above?


its nice,i had seen this when xbox was launched

It was really nice teamwork. I saw it in one other old thread when someone posted Suleman Mirza's BGT video.