From: Elite title nominations

What about Ijaz Ahmed?

He has suitable electronics knowledge and has been rather good with helping others in numerous topics. I am FOR him being made an Elite member.

1 - Member should have been a WP member for more than 6 months.


2 - Member requests for "Elite" title will not be entertained.

Hasn't requested the title.

3 - 75% membership of forum administration team must agree for the nominated member to be deserving of "Elite" title for it to be given to the nominated member.

To be seen/decided.

3 - Number of posts is not a criteria for the selection.

Has sufficient posts to show some degree of regularity in visits.

4 - Quality of posts is the foremost criteria for selection. This includes but is not limited to helpfulness of posts and the content of posts.

As I said, he has been helpful in different topics.

5 - For nomination, member should not have a history of clashes with forum rules and/or being a PITA (Pain In The Ass) for forum administration team.

He had some initial bouts of issues with criticism but has calmed down plenty since then. Nothing serious enough to bar him being made an Elite member.

5 - Member should be a regular visitor of the forums.

Already is.

So? What do you folk say?