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Buyer Beware:

Hi guys,
I just wanted to share my experiences with this fruad of a website called I just want to highlight their incompetence and that you should be well-informed before risking any orders with this website.

I placed and order of a graphic tablet (Wacom Intuos Pro price in Pakistan, Wacom in Pakistan at Symbios.PK) on on 20 October 2017. As read on the product ad page, I was expecting delivery in 2 - 5 days when I placed the order. I chose cash on delivery option to stay safe and only to pay when the item was delivered to me. However, I recieved a call from Symbios the next day and they asked for a payment of Rs. 15,000 as advanced payment since the order amount was Rs. 35,000.

I made the payment to them via online transfer from my bank account and they acknowledged receipt. The advance payment amount is also reflected in the order screenshot. I have since then not heard from symbios regarding my order. After I did not recieve the product for 7 days, I sent symbios an email inquiring about the status of my order. I received no reply from them. After calling their number, the operator told me that it will be delivered 2 November. Since I did not recieve it on the said date I tried sending multiple emails and calls but they never replied to my emails and kept telling me that I will recieve an email or call from symbios. I never recieved any calls.

Till date I have not received the product and during my last call I was informed that they didnt have the said item in stock and are procuring it from Dubai. I asked them to cancel my order to which they agreed and committed to refund my amount by 20 November. Till date I have not received any communication from them and their helpline is not being picked up by anyone since yesterday. I am attaching screenshots of all email correspondence with symbios and as you can see I did not receive any replies from anyone. I believe that the company is deliberately using delay tactics with its customers and forcing them to wait unnecessarily. Furthermore, it is using mis-representation on its website for products that are not in stock or readily available. I was not informed that the product is not in stock because in that case I would have never ordered from symbios. I also tried to contact them through their facebook page but after I listed my order details, they vanished and never responded to me (screenshot attached).

So this is how the story goes. I want to hear other people’s views as well. I am thinking of filing a complaint against this website with FIA cybercrime cell. Will they be able to help me recover my money?


Try consumer court for refund of amount plus damages/fines or FIA cyber crime cell but the latter might cost you more than 15K amount as all law enforcement endeavors do.