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AOA everybody,

I have 2MB DSL.first of all connection doesn't initiate until I hold on my phone line. but still it disconnect even my phone on hold. if not on hold then its my luck that connection works but when somebody calls me connection drops again. theres some humming noise in my phone line. lodged complaints many time but problem still persist. here my stats plz tell me what to do .



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Put aside everything else.

Call Helpline and Lodge the compaint for Phone line distortion.

When lineman shows up, simply ask him to change the pair from exchange as well as cabinet.

Your issue would be resolved.


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Humming noise in phone line is stray electrical field from power cords or house wiring inducing current in phone line. To reduce or eliminate hum, make sure phone line or phone cord does not run parallel to any electrical wiring or cords. Phone line should be one foot or more away from any electrical wires and cross electrical wires at right angles (90 degrees).


You need to change the pair of your wires by Lineman and there shouldn't be any joints in Copper wire.

i was facing similar problem about 6 months back, tried each and everything but all in vain. Finally i just changed the cord (cable which comes from main db to your modem) and it solved my problem and never face that problem again, so my suggestion would be to buy new cords and replace those you already have, and see the result, this might help.

In my case lineman or dsl man or exchange officials did not bothered and got disconnect permanently now from lahore office peoples called and sent letter for free connection till march but i refused as officials at cantt exchange karachi are not good support provider

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