Frequent Disconnection since April 2010

Hey guys

My story's been sad and long

I got my DSL (1mb) in April 2010 and ever since frequent disconnections have plagued my experience

First i thought it was my line with many joints and after complaint after complaint and then contacting the local SDO through my own means i got them to change my drop line but then the new line they brought wasn't long enough and one joint had to be left and which i have been trying ever since to be fixed again to no avail...

Here are a few screenshots

This one is right after a disconnection

This one right after connection established

This one after another disconnection and then reconnection

I have been complaining week after week and the line man visits sometimes and checks the line and says its all clear and some times even changes the pair but my problem doesn't get resolved

The other thing is i have been telling them to control the throughput from their end since my connection is 1mb but the bandwidth my line is receiving is of 4mb and thus the low noise ratio

A complaint is still logged and waiting for any response but i don't see how this ones going to change what they couldn't for the past 10 months

any suggestions?

I am also having this problem, I have an 10mb connection, and this problem has plagued for a very long time......... I am on Fibre line but frequent DSL-out-of-sync and Disconnection! Have made several complaints......

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Your attenuation is too high. Ask him to check you Dp (located at the pole) and every joint your line.

Its the SNR margin is which is closer to 0. Hence, sync drops frequently and modem re-syncs. Your line or pairs are horrible. Hence such a bad downstream/upstream SNR. Register a complaint and tell them that your SNR is so low.

When connection is established, SNR starts dropping until some point that modem re-syncs.

Register a complaint and dont release it until they make sure that your downstream SNR stays greater than 20.

But my DSL stats are pretty good and I am also facing the same problem:

DS Rate: 10240

US Rate: 1078

Latency Type: Interleaved

Line Coding: trellis on

SNR Margin US/DS: 6.7 / 27.9

Line Attenuation US/DS: 6.4 / 8.8

Power US/DS: 11.3 / 19.2

Attainable Down Speed: 26660


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Dear all, the disconnection problem is not usually due to problem in lines or joints in lines. The actual problem is in the servers of PTCL. If they fix it, we all would be relived. I don’t how much low quality systems PTCL is using or which kind of engineers this company has. :rolleyes:

hold it on bro…physical connection and sync issue is related to user till exchange…rest nothing has anything to do with sync losses. Either there’s an under ground joint which has induced noise at times which increase the SNR and attenuation. In ONU case this has to deal with the DSL card installed in the cabinet. If it gets exhausted due to environmental factors then frequent disconnection is seen on ONU lines…Modem syncing to DSLAM, installed at exchange, has sole relation with physical connections such as wires, cabinets and DPs. And PTCL’s DSLAMs either ZTE’s or Huawei are internationally well qualified and the vendors are well renowned in core networks. So most of the customers have to face this issue due to poor infrastructure and incompetent staff at exchange.


Facing disconnections today. Anyone else?


websites are not opening, even google is not opening may times, and luckily it opens 1 time after 5 attempts of refreshing. :) dont know whats going on