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Hi everyone,

Since we are already in a discussion about LFT, WT, Skrill, Paypal or Payoneer... None of us shared our fields so that we can also be helpful for each other and work like a team when needed. You can also share your profiles, best practices to get a Job and market trends

I hope this thread may help many of us and to represent ourselves to clients as strong candidates :)

Thank you


Naveed Mian, apni to batao pehle. ;)

ahoooooo bata beta

Oh, I forgot to start myself :) I'm in "Search Engine Optimization" for more than 3 years now. Here are my profiles at oDesk and Elance and also "Meri Choti se Site"

I usually need Web Designer+Developers and Article Writers for my work and clients as well...!!

Wow, what is this?

[quote=“Myelin, post:5, topic:20652”]

Wow, what is this?


I don't know how this missed, I've added date on it, but I guess during changing hosting it slipped somewhere in the air :)

Thank for correction :)

I am working as content writer on for last 3 years.

[quote=“Soheb.qureshi, post:7, topic:20652”]

I am working as content writer on for last 3 years.


What is special fields of yours in writing? And also please let me know your rates for an article of 300-500 words.

I work in article writing and academic report writing.

Rate depends on project nature. Usually it varies batween $15-$25 for academic writing. Article writing is cheap.

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