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* Use your own domain name

* 10 GB Disk Space

* 10 GB Bandwidth

* PHP & MySql

* 10 Databases

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only at

keep in mind one thing. Normally the hosts which offer space more than a GB, turn off their services with 2-3 months after the start of service.

Why do they do so? Can you explain more about it?

They don't get space for free :|, that is the simple reason.

A good hosting server costs you around 180-250USD (excellent working 500+USD) a month with 250GB hard disk, 2000GB bandwidth. Thats the reason, Normally free server comes online for testing purpose, 1st they give away free accounts, to test their services and problems they can face in future with paid service. So thats the reason 80% free host shutdown their service with in 3-4 months.

So normally host offers space up to 500 mb, and especially asks you to makes posts for hosting are more reliable than these no-ads free hosts. here i am having free space of 2000+ tb and i am using it for 2 years and its not closed yet . it is still free as it was on the first day . u can also check it and make account on it

lol, you can't say it a free host, not even can say it a host. 1st of all there are many limited features with this crap(LayeredPanel ). if you want to host just a basic html based or simple script then you can try it, other wise it don't give you even some basic access for using php scripts.

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Why do they do so? Can you explain more about it?

hm Give us a Solid Reason Asmar…

i think slave is right…

ahh it sounds bit stupid why someone will allocate 10gb space free????

i had my portfolio hosted on check them now they r gone and believe me i paid them $10 extra to add sql and turn off the safe mood mood and they r gone now....

i will recommend :

although they offer only 250 mb but i think its enough space if you arent goin to start portal or something

they will not shut down ,because they have some restrictions on file types (you can see at sign up page)

but they also offers upgrade at $$$ so thats why this host will not be closed in future..!

but if you are not satisfied then is best for you they offers free 300mb with no ads + they offers it with vista panel...

x10hosting has been here for many years. They provide 3 types of hosting. Very reliable. is best hosting i recommend you all of u to use it they are offering free web hosting with no file type restriction 300mb disk space ,vista panel & 5subdomains , 5 addon domains ......they will also give you a free domain ... but the amazing thing is that do not offers all domains for free but some for free but if you create an account with 0fees with the domain you want they will give it for free!

"Registrations are closed" on Sign up page of

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Registrations are closed” on Sign up page of

Yes you are right my friend have already hosted his website on ,he have received an Email from saying (Thank you for being a client of, we thank you for all the great years we had and apologize for the sudden shut down of our services. should be completely closed down in the next following days.)

So it shows that they were come for testing perpose only so now i will not trust any web host which is offering space more then 1 or 2 gb thats final

Thanks for telling me about them…

Does this also put advertisement on users webpages.


I still remember those old days we spent, I was totally a dumb :P lol

But as time passed, I changed. I'm no longer the old "Asmar" who didn't knew anything.

I'm running my own paid hosting company and starting to get some first customers! :)

Free web hosting is damage your ranking so careful.

do not trust on servers located in pakistan.

why are they selling free hosting, there must be a secret plan behind it...!

yes donot trust them..