Free VPN

Free as in lassi.

Download openvpn, if not already, from

There is no attachment option in post, so download openvpn profiles from following links. These are plain txt files, but save them as .openvpn and import into OpenVPN GUI.

- UDP port 53 @

- TCP port 80 @

It will ask you for a username/password, enter any random..

If you are a really nice person then kindly share your before & after (using vpn) speed from reply to this topic, also include:

- link (before & after)

- City

- Time

- ISP name

- Protocol (TCP/UDP) used

Shkuria ~

Using this free vpn produced the results as depicted in the image above.

Multan, 11 AM, PTCL, TCP


Would you be able to share your before speeds for comparison?

Before speeds were same as speeds achieved when using vpn. My DSL connection is of 2-Mb/s and direct downloads (without using any VPN or proxy) don't go past 247-kBytes/s mark as measured by DUmeter.

Thanks @mysterio92

Anyone else willing to share bandwidth speed?

This offer has the-end