Free Rapidshare Premium Accounts Giveaway

So, I was just taking a look at my file-sharing accounts, and realized that i don't even really use them. So I've decided to give them away to you guys for free.

I've got the following accounts:

Rapidshare Premium 1 month x3

Rapidshare Premium 3 month x1

Rapidshare Premium 6 month x2

Rapidshare Premium 1 year x2

Anyone interested just post here for your desired account (only 1 account per person), and I'll reserve the accounts for you. Details will be PMd to you after all the accounts have been reserved.

Hope you guys enjoy...

very nice of you bro.. :)

I want premier 6 month account,

Wow, very generous

I have always wished to have one.

Can I get a 6 or an year account.

PM me

Can I have any of the 1 year or 6 month accounts? Thanks.

Must be April Fool coz premium services are ********* nowadays.. :P

^lolzz great catch

LOL all the posters didn't even bother to click on links :P

Good one though, Upsilon.

I went for the prank, Gud one

Got 5 fools here. Hehehe. :P My best prank on here yet. :lol:

BTW, here's the fifth fool for those wondering...


[quote=“Upsilon, post:10, topic:16871”]

Got 5 fools here. Hehehe. :P My best prank on here yet. :lol:



u aint including me , are you?

i got the catch but just went with it for the sake of joke,… =)

^ Aww, how nice of you. :rolleyes:

Ok, 4 then. Still pretty good. B) Next year's prank is gonna be even better. :P