Found a way out of wateen misery!

Wateen is getting on my nerves day after day and its unsync problem has started again.. during load shedding it is quite unlikely that it will regain its signals, or maybe they are just turning their generators off to save some diesel fuel.. anyways i ordered a new landline and after 3 days i had a working dsl 4mb although at first there was some SNR (Signal to noise ratio) issue but after i got in touch with the lineman i got it fixed from the exchange.. now with almost the same price as wateen 1mb (1650 + zalalat) ..i got 4mb(1999 + awesomeness) Ptcl.. maybe after such hassle and line issues but finally after 5 days i am good.. Getting speeds of 500Kbps was worth the trouble..


I am glad :)


Wateen or infact all wimax operators in this country live in their own little world in which 256K connections are still considered broadband, connections are caped and some brave ones sell 1.5MB connections for about the price for which you can get a 4MB connection in today's world.

I am Glad like never before..