Found a site with free calls to Pakistan

I just found a site, where you can get 15 minutes of free calls to Pakistan Mobile every Tuesday during the month of February and March

with a $8 minimum balance.

Use your PC, home or mobile phone to make high quality calls to Pakistan!

Make sure you have a $8 minimum balance in your account. To make a payment go to the

Payment Options page in your mobeefree account.

Go to for more details.

I guess this is supposed to be in websites section.

As a side note, local telcos are offering voice call buckets for much lower price.

Lower than free?

Pretty tough to do :)

$8 deposit is needed to start using the account and avail free minutes. It means around 725 pakistani rupees. This amount can buy voice call buckets offered by local telcos.

IMO someone living outside Pakistan will benefit from your offer.