Forum Announcements and Updates

This thread is for the admin team to make any forum related announcements and updates. It will remain stickied and closed, allowing only the admin team to post to it.

I've updated the rules page to include the missing information we used to have before the forum software update. The rules should now be fairly comprehensive and I encourage everyone (especially the new members) to read and familiarize yourself with them. Any questions/concerns regarding the rules can be directed at the admin team. Ignorance of said rules is not a valid excuse to break them.

The forum software has been updated to FluxBB 1.4 final - it was running 1.4 beta earlier. This should fix some of the bugs...

See for more info.

Forum was hosted on Site5 before - they shut it down without any warning for using up too much resoures. I was travelling at that time so wasn't able to fix it than.

Shifted host to which seems a lot better, and should be faster as well. However, it's more expensive, so am going to add a google text add until I can recover hosting costs.

What else... upgraded forum to 1.4.1.

Update: Added a wiredpakistan specific Google search link in the toolbar above. The page looks ugly, but it searches the entire site. Fed Google a sitemap of the forums so all posts should be searchable.

There is this retard spammer who shows up every couple of months and floods the boards with hi res images. It's been taken care of. Use the report button if he pops up again.

Just a note to the spammer that it only takes 2 clicks for us to delete everything all in one go.

The forum just came under a spam attack, deleted the spam users and a bunch of posts, and closed user registration till I put in some more anti-spam measures.

Updated forum software to FluxBB 1.4.4 from 1.4.2

New forums:

Telecommunications > Telephony/Cellular Service Providers

Telecommunications > Mobile Phones

Telecommunications > Mobile Applications

We will be using the built-in warnings system to deal with moderation issues. Here are the details:

- No bans will be given bypassing the warning system (unless its a spammer, in which case they'll be marked as a spammer, immediately banning and deleting their posts.)

- Warning level will only be increased by 1 at a time. For repeat offences, the level can be bumped upto three times in one day ( we are bound to hit a warning level deserving a ban within those three warnings).

- A reason will be given for the warning.

- I've enabled members to be able to see the warning level and the reason for their warnings in their profiles.

- We will be using a plugin which decreases the warning level by 1, after 'x' number of days of not receiving a new warning. Once the plugin is installed and we've decided on the number 'x', I'll post that here as well.

- Bans will follow these rules:

Warning level - Ban time

3 - 3 day suspension

6 - 5 day suspension

9 - 7 day suspension

10 - Ban

Suspension: Ban with a time limit

Ban: Permanent ban