Foreign languages

Has any one learned any foreign languages in karachi? The two quiet popular ones i know are Goethe Institut for German and Alliance française for french. How long could it take one to be fluent in any of these languages?

Is there spanish being offered anywhere in karachi?

Some with firsthand experience of learning language in here please share

dude u need practice to be fluent in any language....

take english for example all of us know how to read and write but many get stuck while speaking.. this is only because of practice...

:P by the i dont get stuck while speaking in english, urdu and gujrati :P

a lot of my friends took foreign languages at Alliance française, its a good institute,,go there and take the begining and advance courses and watch a lot of french movies to get gist of the language..german is a slightly tougher language to master,,my cousin went there to study and he had a hard time picking it up

why would u want to learn a foreign language,,for job, studying or fun?? :)

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why would u want to learn a foreign language,for job, studying or fun?? :)

hobby maybe!