Force3d (agp) Ati Agp Hd2600pro 512mb 128bits Ddrii < AGP 8x version.

9 month warranty remaining. Just bought it last month. Used for 6 days. Got box and all.

Location: Islamabad.

Ali - 0300 5119111

Reason for selling : Old motherboard (845GEBV2) was capped at AGP 4x. Moved to PCI express machine.

Coming to lahore next weekend (Nov 1st & 2nd), so can deliver there too.

Price : 4500/- or Nearest Bid.

TIP: Do check if your mobo supports AGP 8x.

2100 if u agree

coz price of pci xpress of 2600 card is model is 4200 brand new

call 0321-5001471

i can come to islamabad

AGP is a legacy standard, im just selling it at that price since it cost me more. I guess the price is there due it just being rare. Dont find many hi-end AGP cards nowadays.

I repeat again, its not the PCI xpress model, so I really cant possibly relate that to this.

Item sold.

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