FOR SALE: SONY DCR-SR47E Digital Video Camera

Red color, 10/10 condition. Used only for a few days, otherwise just sitting in my closet since I bought it. 60 gb , feel free to google the specs. Warranty until November 2010. Box with all included accessories included. Works perfectly, no issues with it whatsoever. Selling because I am going abroad and don't feel like carrying anything extra.

Demand: 23,000 Slightly Negotiable

Please reply here if you are interested. Only folks in Islamabad please!

Sorry for the poor image quality, if really interested please let me know, I can get better ones

0321-44 45 770 contact me

sorry, its sold for Rs.20000/ . have an acer aspire one and a nokia e72 for sale though!

Though it is a nice camera but can't able to shoot long movie it saves as clips...