For all who recently graduated

- For all who recently graduated -

After clearing your degrees, you guys surely looking for clues how to get into market with a proper job of all the things you learned through out your degree. So here are some of my tips to be prepared for your first job (No matter if its an internship)

Decide Your Field to Get Started:

Without looking around for clues and find references, you should now focus and decide how you want to start your career, whether you want to code or operate, or like quality assurance, whatever it is, decide now. You should have proper knowledge about your field, not practically but at least all aspect of introduction and information. For example if you want to code and code for Mobile applications, start learning about its current affairs, development processes, How to's etc. Literally everything except actually doing it for now. And you must have a little passion about it as well. Because people rationally give up in very little period, doing what they don't like.

Get Yourself Around People Who are Actually Doing It:

Once you have decided what your field is, or in which technology/platform you want to work, get yourself around people who are actually doing it. Luckily, software engineers love social network, so you can find them here in Facebook too. (Most of them). Look for active groups and join them. Start communicating with the people who are professional in it. I find its the best way to prepare yourself about the market to talk with the people who are actually in it.

Do something Valuable With your Efforts:

Now, if you have decided what you want to do, you started learning and making interaction with people, you must got your first ingredient. All your efforts, should payback you something which you can present or i must say mention in your CV. Get your hands dirty with tools and code (like semi-practical phase) and make something that you can talk about with people. Once you get people, you will find a lot of guidance that will eventually help you in deciding what kind of things you should practice before actually applying to the job. e.g. Mobile Application: Fine! why don't you go with your own. Don't worry about its functionality or proficiency. Right now you should do. In this whole process you almost got answers for all the questions that will be asked from you in your first interview. They mostly want you to work for them and make them a few more bucks then your salary, and if you good at work they don't care about your cloths, styles, or even grades. (If you are weak in presentation and communication you should work on it as well. As these two thing really counts with your work )

Next Step:

After doing things right, up till now where you can create something of your own that you can mention in your CV, you should choose, one of the two options. First, you want to get Job/Internship. You should apply for it now as you have some of the experience just because of your own effort and later you will learn more by working in the field. Second, you want your skills to be more furnish, so you keep doing what you are doing and add up different things to your learning list. Try to learn more domains / technologies. Do a bit in each of them so you can wide up your work conditions. More you know different technologies, more you will be an important source for the company you are going to join and also with more chances of getting selected with handsome pay. And If you do a job where someone tells you exactly what to do,he will find someone cheaper than you to do it. :)

In the last, i must mention that its all about passion. You want to do something with your heart, you will do it at any cost. Be thankful to Allah who made you this far and will help you go further with dignity. Start as soon as possible, world is changing very fast. Work hard and love what you do, so you can learn to tackle situation later on.

My best wishes for all of them who graduated and starting their careers.

Stay Blessed!

For all who recently graduated, i hope they trained you well on how to be a good slave, and i hope you work your ass off like a donkey whilst you are underpaid. I hope you find it all worth investing 23 years of your life :)

Good Luck !

also you guys better have a good "juggar" handy.....(in official terms a contact)

or you are gonna start at the bottom of the salary level