For all the iOS programmers out there


I'll make it short and get straight to the point. I'm looking for an iOS programmer to code an app for me. The idea is simple and intuitive and should not require much time. If you have any queries or are interested feel free to inbox me.

also, if you guys know anyone who's willing to make an app message me anytime

You can find solid iOS developers on

Post a project and they'll apply.

Checkout their past work and previous reviews.

Do a fix priced project with zero upfront payment.

Only release the payment once you've tested the app on your device. Plus have them send you the original source code.

Let me know if you need more help.

it ain't be cheap one thing for sure.

+1 for muhammad shariq, but avoid un-experienced asian workers who will say they will create a iOS app for $10, just a suggestion.

*attock is curious about this project*

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*attock is curious about this project*


I think you should hire a software development company if you are seeking for IOS programmer.