Football Freestyle Pakistan

Hello there to all,

I keep hearing about this forum and consider to be one of the best in Pakistan.

I am a football freestyle and winner of the RedBull Street Style from lahore. As you all know the current situation in Pakistan, we wonder if redbull will come again to hold the event here next year. So we have taken the initiative to promote this game in Pakistan and will appreciate if you consider helping us in this


And we have a competition on facebook where we are giving a Nike Blaze ball worth 1400 to lahore residents, anyone can win by simply using facebook! Watch the video link to learn more :)

Please ask if you have any questions about the game or the competition :)

Sounds great, too bad I have the least mediocre freestyling skills. Anyhow who chooses the winner?

When RedBullStreetStyle came here they chose the winners based on there own criteria. They usually go for crowd-pleasing skills and entertainment stuff but freestyle is also a very technical sport which the crowd doesnt always notice.

They get judges for the competition. In Pakistan, it is sad they got 2 fashion deisgners (females) and an old football player.. it was a little bit of mess the judging standards, nothing technical was judged (the organiser told us to even take our shorts off if it makes the crowd go loud).

But in the end, redbull is a good thing to encourage the sport in Pakistan.

Some of my videos if you wanna see..


its really amazing, thanks to share with us, keep it up

[quote=“razafs, post:3, topic:14843”]

the organiser told us to even take our shorts off if it makes the crowd go loud


So the question is, did you take your shorts off?