Food recipes videos

I need Pakistani food recipes videos. Can any one tell from where I download such videos?

Try :P

just watch masala channel:P

This website is the best, IMO. All kinds of videos available. Chef Zakir's programs on Masala, other Masala chefs' programs, ARY Zouq's programs, etc.

How can I download videos from these websites?

Use Internet Download Manager. Install it. The latest one integrates into your browser in such a way that when you right click on a page, you get the option of downloading the Last Requested FLV video. Play the video for about 10 seconds and then close the page. Then on any random page right-click and select Last Requested FLV video. It will start the download. The webpages of do not let you right-click.

This is one of the ways. There are other rippers available.

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just watch masala channel:P

Yum Yum…

vaq, you can download these videos by using the software Orbit Downloader. and you can also see many pakistani recipes here: all food channel videos.

try video Jug

search youtube videos and found related search

watch masala tv and chef zakir cooking programme

Go to

And for watches vid ..