Fonts get pixelated in Wordpress dashboard when using PC

I have 22 inch monitor with 1920x1080 resolution, when I open my Wordpress dashboard the fonts appear absolutely fine but when I move the mouse over them they get pixelated (I don't know if it is right word to define).

See here when they appear OK -

Now see here when I move the mouse over -

It doesn't happen when I use my laptop, and it also doesn't happen on PC with "any other site".

I cannot understand if something is wrong with Wordpress or my PC. Any idea?


You haven't provided info about your system or your version of windows, but, font rendering issues can be due to:

- browser used: especially with old ATI and some nVidia GPUs you could experience the same (firefox or more specifically palemoon only fixed it after many many years) ... gpu acceleration might be broken ... you could also try another rendering engine

- gpu drivers: again with older hardware it's likely that some bugs remain ... for newer hardware, you should contact technical support and hope for a fix in a future driver update

- windows: the win 10 tp build 9860 came with a bug that caused missing text that had to be fixed via an update ... so bugs might remain!

So, there could be a number of reasons for that issue, but, you could try booting off a live *nix usb/cd to try the opensource driver for the gpu (if supported) eliminating most if not all of the three factors mentioned above!

And as other sites work fine, it's likely to be a software related issue rather than a hardware failure!



well its seems software related issue with the pc. did you tried different browser? updated old driver or browser?

updated your video card drivers, or else try to create a new user account on windows and test it from there.

chrome sux.. after updating it anytime , it smoothens or pixellates fonts..

are you using chrome? try this in IE..

@jani jigger, what is the masla?